Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Rey The Real Hero (2015)

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Name :- Rey The Real Hero (2015)

Summery :- The story manages moves aroun Jenna an acclaimed as it were "Star" Mexican Dancer who won two "Best of the World" titles in the rivalries held at the epicenter of Dance USA. Be that as it may, to win it the third time she confronts extreme rivalry from Sandi. Irritated with the opposition from Sandi a Mexican Mafia Don Dange who adores Jenna murders Sandi to evacuate the opposition for her. While this is going on one side, Amrita from India, promises to win the "Best of the World" title and joins in a Jamaican College, Bob Marley to enter the opposition. There she meets Rock, a major tease and never watches over any lady's feelings.He continues being a tease and utilizing foul dialect with the young ladies. He disturbs Amrita to the center. His life takes a sudden swing because of an occurrence, and he with his stone band chooses to join Amrita in the opposition. Jenna tries to make a wide range of inconveniences feasible for the band frantically.

Size :- 325MB 

Language :- Dual Audio Hindi Dubbed

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Author: Rohit Saith


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