Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Microsoft Launches Cortana App For Android Users

By Rohit Saith  |  21:25 No comments

Recently, Microsoft made a declaration expressing the accessibility of Cortana for Android platform. This will empower the Android telephone clients to supplant the Google Now alternate route by squeezing and holding the home catch so as to actuate Cortana. Microsoft is Opening and Spreading its Wings Everywhere. Cortana keeps up the same client interface and functionalities as it has in Windows gadgets. 

Presently the clients will get decisions between whom to pick, Cortana versus Google Now. Individuals may like the change, as Cortana is to a great extent refreshing by Windows clients. As it is the beta discharge, by encountering the great and the terrible part will just help Microsoft enhance and give a more advanced affair. Likewise, a few elements are kept to the local environment starting now, for instance, flipping settings, saying so as to open applications or enacting Cortana sans hands "Hey Cortana" are just accessible on Windows until further notice. 

Cortana Does a Lot more than you Think 

  • Approaching her for navigation
  • Reminding you about your companion's birthday 
  • Following critical data, for example, flight points of interest 
  • Makes you cheerful by taking a note of your points of interest and how you utilize your device 
  • Surfacing News she supposes will speak to you, and a ton more 
  • Totally, a friend on-the-go. 
We should would like to see final release in the coming weeks overwhelming the beta relase.

Author: Rohit Saith


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