Thursday, 1 October 2015

Cyber Criminals ​Boost Sales Through Data Laundering

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In this modern era where technology is at its best, meanwhile on the other hand cyber crime and online forgery is also growing immensely in day to day life. Every now and then there comes a news about the uniques and unbelievable crimes performed by unknown hacker or a group of criminals. Online fraud is such a sensitive issue which has been the hot topic to debate for quite a while. With time cyber crimes has also improved and often develop new techniques and method to victimize the users and to take profits from vulnerabilities. 

Criminals now a days are so smart that they starts to target the corporate sector where the chances to earn illegal revenue is higher than ever. The term “data laundering” is such a critical issue with is emerging rapidly now a days. Hackers or cyber culprits are now have developed a new way to inflict problems on victims and boost their revenue. Data laundering is the process to sale the stolen data on the legitimate sever. It is an amazing technique which is being used widely be the hackers. Using this advanced methodology, hackers reduces the risk of being detected and also increase the revenue at the high rate. Data laundering has significantly increases the scopes of data theft for the hackers. Now, the criminal has a much advanced and full proof option to achieve their evil goal in a very safe and convenient manner. In such phenomena the frauds directly sells the stolen data to a competitive legitimate market research channels. 

As far as the matter of data laundering is concern, we all know how important data is in corporate sector. The entire market of any successful organization is completely dependent on numbers. Well, all the competitors in the market are also in search of success. Here, the hackers play their games. They steal information from one database of then sell it to the other legitimate organization directly and take maximum of reward with minimum input. Where Internet is the the basic requirement of every users now a days at the same time Internet is also the cause of troubles. It is certainly the biggest as well as dangerous weapon of cyber criminals. In simple words if you are connected with Internet then troubles are connected with you. In market today there is a big demand of such data, organizations which are not at the top in market needs competitive data in order to increase their market and hence they accept the proposal of seller without much of inquiry. 

Most of the time the buyer doesn't even know the original source of data. However, data laundering not an easy task which can be performed by everyone. Top level hackers and security experts are involves in the process. Accessing, removing or modifying data from a legitimate database is surely needs some good technical skills. Data laundering, is really a very complicated task well, transforming commercial data into a commercial assets is of course not and easy job to perform which can only be performed by the professional hackers. The criminals targets legitimate organizations from corporate sector as the data can get maximum value. Instead of making the deal with individual the stolen data is merchandise with dark netsites. As the high level hackers are involves to accomplish such critical task hence, traditional security is not enough for the database to block such attacks. 

Hackers, uses several methods to fetch data from legitimate organization. Once such critical method is to implant a severe malware infection in the database. Well, this very tactics is also used in daily life. In our daily life we often experience several malware attack on computing system. Hackers, distribute various different spyware and computer viruses online in order to gain the access of victimized computer system and to fetch some confidential information like browsing history, IP address, banking secrets, login id and passwords, etc. in order to make some money out of the users pockets. 

Malware like Trojan, rootkit, ransomware etc. done such suspicious activities quite easily in the victimized computer system and help their affiliate owner to accomplish their rouge purpose in quite an easy manner. Data laundering is surely the biggest cause of concern for organization now a days. Much like Money Laundering, data laundering has also proves to be be very useful for the cyber criminals in order to make lots of money by taking less risk. Security experts form all around the world are trying too hard to prevent such disaster of technology. Well, its definitely not going to be a an easy job for them. However, such disasters can be avoided by using certain precaution and it is rightly said that precaution is always better than cure. Anyway, with advancement in technology has also increase the chances of disaster at the high level. However, it is quite clear that cyber criminals boost sales through Data Laundering 

Author: Rohit Saith


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