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I Support Digital India, But I haven't Changed My Facebook Profile Picture. Here's Why...

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Digital INDIA – A Flagship Program of the Government of India with a dream to change India into a digitally enabled society and in addition a learning economy. Yes, I am a proud Indian, and I bolster Digital India as well, however I am in no way, shape or form supporting Facebook's Project. Yesterday, Facebook's CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi met at Facebook's Headquarter. The Historic meeting between PM Modi and Zuckerberg went awesome. Hours after this occasion, Facebook dispatched an instrument that permits you to change your Facebook profile picture to a Tricolor shade of Indian Flag, much the same as couple of months back 30 Millions Facebook clients had changed their Profile picture with Rainbow shading to bolster "Gay Marriages." 

The Latest Tool with URL is to bolster the "Advanced India" crusade by the PM Modi Government. Since the time that Zuckerberg changed his Facebook profile picture to an Indian Tricolor shade to demonstrate his backing for the Digital India crusade, we Indians began taking after the same suit. Our Facebook courses of events have begun flooding with tricolor profile pictures. Over and over, Facebook says, "Demonstrate Your Support for Digital India."

'Gay Marriage' was a social reason, however Digital India is totally a Political and Business Initiative to develop Indian Digital Infrastructure. (I concur, we require this, yet... What Facebook will receive consequently to promote India's Project? 

Computerized India arrangements to join rustic territories with fast web systems, yet at what cost? We all know: India is one of the greatest markets for Facebook as far as size, as well as far as Revenue. Hence, Facebook's backing for 'Advanced India' could in a roundabout way mean to advertise its venture. To demonstrate my backing to Digital India, I am not going to change my Facebook Profile picture. 

Here's Why: 

You may think this tricolor sifted profile picture is a signal to bolster Digital India. On the other hand, it is definitely not. 

There is by all accounts a concealed motivation behind Zuckerberg's backing for Digital India, and that is – Facebook's abundantly reprimanded against unhindered internet venture – which has now been renamed to "Free Basics." Yes, for the sake of Modi's Digital India, Zuckerberg is quietly advancing his Campaign, which will conceivably execute the Internet opportunity in the Country. Facebook, in a joint effort with six organizations, including Samsung, Media Tek, Software Nokia, Opera, Ericsson, and Qualcomm, propelled that goes for giving Free Internet administrations to creating countries. 

This move by Facebook is not precisely what it would appear that. It really is a hit to our Internet opportunity and Net Neutrality, the one we are battling for long. 

Here's Why: 

  1. The Facebook's free Internet administration will be accessible to Reliance clients just. 
  2. gives 'free access' just to Facebook and its 50 accomplice sites, which constrains Internet clients to adhere to those administrations just. 
  3. This Facebook Project is not giving Free Internet to individuals, rather giving free access to controlled Internet that Facebook needs clients to see. 
  4. Isn't this infringement of Net Neutrality? At the point when Internet supplier will choose what we are going to see on the Internet. 


  • Passing of Start-ups. With this move, we shut entryways for another FlipKart or SnapDeal. 
  • Passing of Small organizations. Neighborhood organizations won't develop, as the webpage who will pay more will be a piece of Facebook's free Internet venture. 
  • Your Internet Remote in Facebook's Hand. With, you are in a roundabout way giving Facebook more energy to control what you can access on the Internet. 


Alright, how about we disregard every one of these focuses and trust that Facebook truly needs to give Free Internet access to those needy individuals who can't bear the cost of information bundles gave by Internet Service Providers (ISPs). Yet, consider it, if a man is not able to bear the cost of information bundles, how he/she will conceivably have the capacity to manage the cost of a gadget that is obliged to get to even Facebook's Free Internet? 

In the mean time… ANKIT FADIA APPOINTED AS BRAND AMBASSADOR FOR 'Computerized INDIA'. Yes, you heard right! 

Indian Self-declared Hacker, Ankit Fadia, has purportedly been designated as one of the brand diplomats for Prime Minister Narendra Modi's Digital India Initiative. He made this declaration on his authority Facebook Page. Notwithstanding, we have no official affirmation or declaration from the Government starting yet. I don't have anything to say in regards to Ankit Fadia in this article, however can read more about him from Forbes. As indicated by me, Digital India Needs Influential and Inspirational "Technologists" as Brand Ambassadors, not any programmers or showcasing masters. 


Thus, reconsider before changing your Facebook profile picture to tricolor shade, you may in a roundabout way backing Facebook's venture. I notice a rodent here when Facebook supporting 'Advanced India.' This article is only a feeling, and it is not to hurt your patriotism or backing towards PM Modi, as I'm excessively a supporter of Digital India, yet I won't indiscriminately change my profile picture. Along these lines, Choose

Author: Rohit Saith


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