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How Ransomware Spreads and how it Works

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Ransomware is yet another rogue invention of cyber crooks as a way for making illegal money. It is basically programmed to threaten the users and extract lost of money. It can affect all Window platform based PC and can cause severe issues if infected. This particular malefic threat is mainly known for its highly destructive capabilities. Unlike other malware infection it locks the entire victimized computer system and then ask an amount of money from the users in exchange of the access of their precious files. Initially known in Russia, this particular malware infection has gain immense popularity in recent past and now it being widely encountered in all over the world. 

How Ransomware Spread:

Infiltration of Ransomware virus is same like any other malware infection. It is mostly spread packed with third party legitimate freeware application which you download from untrusted sources. Moreover, there are many other deceptive means which can be deployed this troublesome system threat to invades in your PC such as email scooping, clicking unknown links, visiting pornographic sites, peer to peer network sharing, using infected storage media, and many more. Well, it enters the targeted computer system quite silently and is able to activate itself automatically without any consent or warning. 

How Ransomware Works:

It mainly works in two phases in fist party it infect your entire computer system and blocks all the access of the users and in second phase it frighten the users and tries to extract huge amount of ransom from them. Once, ransomware infection manages to installed in your system it drops highly mischievous cryptographic codes in your system which encrypts all kind of data files, application, media items etc. It restricts all access of your system and disable the users to use the infected system anymore. After encrypting all the files then it demands the ransom from the users in order to make decrypt your files. 

Although, it pretends be a part of legitimate organization and try to convince the users that your system is detected to be involved in some kind of illegal activities and hence, its been locked. Moreover, it demands an amount of money from the users as fine. It also set a dead line for paying the money and threaten the users that not paying ransom in given time will not only makes their files permanently inaccessible but legal action can also be taken if required. 

Well, paying the money is not a solution for this issue as there is nothing like legitimate about this critical malware infection hence, even paying the ransom are not going to fix all issues in your Windows system. The only way to avoid such nasty consequence on infected system is to remove this critical virus as soon as possible from your PC. 

Well, you can remove this critical threat manually from your system but in order to do so you will require high level technicality. Newbie users may encounter even severe damage in case of even minor mistake. Well, you can use a powerful antimalware removal tool in order to get rid ransomware infection completely from your system. However, precaution is always then cure so try to avoid such infection as much as possible and make your system protected. 

Precaution Tips to Protect Your PC from Ransomware:

  • Do not visit any unknown sites. 
  • Avoid clicking suspicious links. 
  • Download freeware from trusted sites only. 
  • Do not open spam attachments. 
  • Always have an updated antimalware tool.

Author: Rohit Saith


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