Sunday, 6 September 2015

Apple to build Fuel Cell Battery that Could Power iPhones and Macbooks for Weeks

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Every Smartphone users have a similar problem of short battery life. As soon as the little icon of battery percentage become red users look for the nearest charging slot and it happens to often that we are force to carry a charge wherever we go. Although, the battery banks have reduces few stress for the users as it provides external backup for batteries but even it is not enough to to fulfill all expectations of users. Battery banks are good for day to day life but when it comes to having a trip we surely need to think again about our phone battery strength. Well, the Apple new invention is ready to bring a revelation in Smartphone market as it has promised to provide your regular batteries for last for whole 7 days. 

Batteries will now las for 7 Days

Yes, its true. Apple, has documented another patent for a 'power module framework' that would supplant cells that could last "for a considerable length of time or even weeks without refueling". 

The patent, 'Fuel Cell System to Power a Portable Computing Device', describes:

  • A fuel cell system that converts fuel to electrical power
  • A controller that monitors and controls the state of the fuel cell
  • An interface for a portable computing device (such as smartphone)
  • A fan that provides oxygen supply to the cell system and cools it
  • An internal rechargeable battery

On the other hand, Apple says that 'cellular telephones' strength additionally utilize such batteries. iPhone 6 with Hydrogen Fuel Cell Since, the energy unit idea is practicable. As UK daily paper The Telegraph as of late uncovered an extraordinary accomplishment by British firm Intelligent Energy in conveying a hydrogen power device in iPhone 6 model declared for the current month. The organization is allegedly living up to expectations nearly with Apple and cases that its group has effectively built up a hydrogen energy unit that could control the gadgets for a week without reviving. Be that as it may, up to this point it is not clear whether the innovation created by Intelligent Energy is the same as the one contained in the late patent application documented by Apple

Author: Rohit Saith


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